Motorola Goes Modular with Full Metal Moto X

The Lenovo-owned Motorola smartphone brand looks to go modular if these new leaks are anything to believe in.

With this wave of leaks the next Moto X mobile handset is now being shown off in a few fully rendered images and a photograph and it appears to be following in the trend of customizable modular parts – a trend which was recently introduced by the LG G5.

The images of the new Moto X show a few different colours and patterns for the rear covers, which although is not new is becoming slightly rarer when compared to Sony and their Xperia range and the various Apple iPhones we have seen over the years.

It also appears that the body will be full metal which, as it stands sounds quite appealing. However it’s been seen with other brands. For example we refer again to the LG G5 – a handset that features a metal uni-body but is then coated and layered with pigments primers and thin sheets of aluminium alloy which create an illusion of plastic, which hopefully does not appear to be the case.

As shown the modular back plate which six pin connectors gives user customizability a whole new meaning with the ability to swap parts or ‘Amps’ and change your standard drab back plate for a colourful rainbow filled plate and variety of others featuring flat colour if, for some reason you don’t like rainbows.

And following the flagship phone trend it has been suggested that the screen will be AMOLED which we have seen in many other modern handsets With the previous hints to the specifications of the Android device it is believed that it will also feature a Snapdragon 820 Processor and 4GB of RAM, fingerprint reading technology and what is believed to be a laser auto-focusing camera, it may also include a screen protector.

All-in-all a very nice and well-rounded flagship mobile for Motorola which for myself, the last phone I remember from them being the RAZR developed in 2003, this points to the phone being a contender with many of the current smartphone market dominators and perhaps the possibility for more variety in future purchases as far as the higher end of the market goes.

Source: HelloMotoHK, @evleaks