Motorola flirts with Microsoft at comms conference – Sights set on WP7?

It seems Motorola has been making eyes at Microsoft at the Oppenheimer Technology & Communication Conference in Boston, Massachusetts – the company’s CEO making it clear they would happily court the Redmond co. to hook up on a Window Phone 7 deal.

“I think we’re completely open to the notion of Windows as a platform” says Motorola’s Sanjay Jha.

But is it love – or simply survival? We know that Motorola is currently seeing Google, with a consistent roll out of the Android mobile OS on a range of handsets. But are they nervous that be seen in public with the current beau might not be so appealing when Windows Phone 7 update “Mango” hits the town? Microsoft has already gathered a bevy of willing partners, including Nokia, HTC and Samsung.

Jha assured that he felt Android was safe in the ever busying mobile platform market, along with Apple’s iOS, but suggested that webOS, Blackberry OS and (in contradiction) even Windows Phone 7 might fight to keep a place.

Are Nokia planning a “budget” range of Window Phone 7 handsets named – “Tango”? Read the Gadget Helpline article – here.

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