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Motorola Moto E Leaked Ahead of Tomorrows Launch

Ahead of the launch on May 13th, images of the Motorola Moto E have been leaked online for the world to see.

The leak came from a Brazilian Retailer – Fast Shop. They are said to have leaked a full phone specification and pictures of the phone itself. However these have since been pulled from the website.

The expected launch of the Moto E smartphone was said to be on May 13th in London, as Motorola had recently sent out invites for the launch of a new smartphone. The invitations indicated the device was said to be “priced for all”.

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The Moto E appears to be similar in terms of looks and design, to the Moto G. The phone will include interchangeable coloured cases for customisation purposes. Physically, the rest of the phone seems to be remarkably similar to the Moto G although the specification is said to differ slightly from its predecessor.

Although the specifications haven’t yet been released by Motorola, they are near enough official. The Brazilian retailer Fast Shop showed the Moto E as following suit and having a large 4.3-inch display with potential to have a 720p resolution. The Moto E will feature 1GB of RAM and a 5Mp camera. The processor however will only be a dual-core, not quad-core like the Moto G, and will be running Android 4.4 KitKat. It also hasn’t been mentioned whether or not it will feature LTE support although it will definitely be 3G enabled.

If the success of Motorola’s Moto G is anything to go by they must have high hopes for the more affordable Moto E.