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Netflix introduces “My List” feature to UK users

Netflix has finally deemed us UK watchers worthy of the long-awaited ‘My List’ feature today by announcing that it will be bringing the feature to Netflix UK users this week, long after our American cousins got the feature.

With My List you could hear of a good show to watch (like Orange is the New Black) and instead of having to rely on a mental note or pen and paper, you could add it to your My List section and then when you get the time to watch the series you can pick it up at the click of a button.

So for those of us who like to watch one series at a time but often get told that another show or film is great, you can list it down as your next watch or alternatively you can just make a catalogue of content that you want to watch and re-watch over and over again.

You will be able to create the list on the move using any of the Netflix smartphone and tablet apps where you will be able to select the video you want then add it to your own personal list and then Netflix will store this program for you for access on all of the supported platforms – web, tablet, smartphone, console and others. What’s more, if a new episode or series of a listed show comes up, Netflix will alert you that there is new stuff to watch.

You will also be able to edit the list online using the website where you will be able to see your full list in a gallery view and flick through easily.

At present there’s no news on the integration of the My List feature with apps on consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3 but we are sure the feature will transfer across soon.

We have had a look at our accounts and at of the time of posting we haven’t gotten options for the “My List” feature yet, but Netflix has stated that the rollout begins today and it will take several weeks to reach all platforms and users, so hang in there!