The popular Netflix app for the Android mobile OS has updated to introduce a new Social Recommendation feature as well as starting integration for smartwatches running Android Wear.

The addition of Social Recommendations arrived for iOS and games consoles such as the Xbox 360 and PS3 back in September and now welcomes Android owners to share the love for their favourite shows and movies with pals on the streaming community.

Utilising push notifications on Android devices, you can now privately send and receive Netflix recommendations and the recipient will be given a selection of options to respond with. They can choose to watch the programme or film straight away, check out more information and pictures about it first and also have the ability to send a thank you to your friends for a top telly tip!

This neat social trick doesn’t stop on your Android handset however. Netflix has begun addressing the growth of wearable tech and has rolled out the recommendations feature to Android Wear devices as well, bringing the same social sharing, notifications and functional on-screen buttons over from the smartphone and tablet app.

This is an Android exclusive that you won’t find on Apple iOS devices just yet and gets us thinking how much more Netflix could do on this relatively new and unexplored platform. The ability to browse shows from the massive library as well as playing and pausing videos from the wrist could prove very handy.