Netflix Trialling Three-Tier Pricing for Streaming Subscribers

Netflix could soon be introducing a 3-tier payment system for its future subscribers after trialling the scheme in the United States.

Currently customers to the UK version of online streaming service Netflix pay a monthly fee of £5.99 following a one-month free trial. A subscription offers unlimited access to the massive library of movies, TV series, comedy and documentaries (and soon those recently announced Marvel spin-offs) through the Netflix app on a multitude of devices including laptops and PC to Android and iOS tablets and games consoles.

The new scheme being tested in the US provides three ‘simple options’ including a lower cost price band for those who want to limit their usage to just one or two devices, while a higher price will allow Netflix availability on more devices if a customer wants more accessibility. We imagine the middle tier (current price range) would still remain the preferred but cutting the cost for those who actually only use one platform should also prove a popular choice.

Netflix confirms that, if and when the three price scheme is applied to its service, it would only affect joining subscribers and current subscribers will not be affected and will keep their existing privileges. Netflix also suggests that those already on board may in fact receive generous ‘grandfathering’ benefits to their existing plan.

Netflix reiterates that this is all currently in the planning and trialling phase at the moment so we’ll keep an ear to the ground as more news streams in and how the price structuring might be rolled out in the UK.