Gaming browser anyone? The internet browser Opera has  launched a special, specific browser aimed directly at gamers.

Our use of the device did not include gaming but we ran it all day while browsing.

The browser comes with a gamut of features, enough to fit the needs of any gamer.

Upon first load of the gaming browser you will be greeted with a slick looking screen. To be honest, the look of the browser made us feel it would be perfectly at home loading up on the systems screen of some starship.

The first thing you notice on loading is the news feed. This feed seems to be specifically aimed at gaming. Scrolling down though will show you the more standard news feed. This feeds language settings can be edited. You can also specify the gaming platforms you are interested in under the GX corner settings.

To the top right of the browser you will find the easy setup button. This opens a drop down menu giving quick access to features such as colour, wallpaper, appearance etc.

You can also enable the ad blocker here import bookmarks, clear browsing data etc.

To the left of the browser window are all your quick icons.

You can also enable VPN. Not only that, you can also enable it within a private window. This is about as safe from prying eyes as you can get. When we say prying eyes we mean the overlord algorithm that likes to monitor everything you do online. Anyone snooping into your connection will only see the VPN tunneling. Happy browsing!

RAM & CPU Limiter

This is the main event when it comes to gaming. By clicking on the GX control button to the top of the control strip you can edit your browsers resource usage.

The RAM and CPU limiters can be toggled on or off. You can also decide the limit here. For example, RAM gives slider options of 2,4,6 and 8 on an 8GB system. The same goes for CPU but this is a percentage of power, e.g. 25% 50% etc.

Interesting Features

Crypto wallet – This will need you to install Opera with VPN to your phone. With this done you only need to scan the QR code.

Twitch integration – Once you have logged in with your Twitch account the browser will notify you when you favorite streamers go live.

Extensions available from Opera addons

When you consider your options with browsing, especially when your browsing is combined with gaming, you will find Opera GX gaming browser fits quite snugly into this niche.


Download Opera GX

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