New Google Glass rumoured to have Intel Insides, expected 2015

Google Glass has gone a bit quiet of late, that is until now. Rumour has it that a new hardware version of Glass will be with us sometime next year all though no suggestion of which part of next year, and the major change it’s supposed to have an intel processor.

This information comes by way The Wall Street Journal and their many sources within Google, their report said Google is planning to launch another version of Google Glass but instead of the current Texas Instruments chip it will come with an Intel processor.


Intel has been pushing hard to try and get into the wearable market recently so this move makes perfect sense for them. Google Glass, it’s also beneficial to google, Glass struggles due to it’s tiny battery and reliance on connectivity, it’s safe to say it doesn’t last long.  So if Intel can create a power efficient processor for Glass it will cement itself as the go to manufacturer for wearables as well as phones and tablets.

Intel also plans to promote Glass for use in hospitals and manufacturing – rather than just aiming it at consumers as has largely been the case until now. Google is helping this through its Glass at Work initiative which uses software developers like Augmedix Inc and APX Labs LLC. But with just 5 per cent of Google Glass’ 300 employees focusing on medical the hardware should remain primarily consumer focused.

Currently Intel chips are found in Google’s Nexus Player in the form of the Atom and also in Google’s self-driving cars which use Xeon chips. Intel have long been regarded as the best processor manufacturer for PC and server rigs, so it’s about time they dominated the handheld market too.