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New Nintendo 3DS on Sale from February 13th

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A leaked promotional poster from a number of sources suggests the revised Nintendo 3DS portable console range with the long awaited extra analog stick is heading to shop shelves on the 13th of February.

Simply called the New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL respectively, the latest additions were announced last summer and the release date is expected to be confirmed in a special Nintendo Direct on the company website and YouTube hosted by Worldwide President Satoru Iwata which will be followed by a full overview of the new products.

The most notable feature on the New Nintendo 3DS range is the addition of the ‘C-Stick’ – an extra little thumb control which is located on the opposite side of the touchscreen from the existing larger analog stick and above the X, Y, A and B buttons offering a more versatile movements and functions than previously available. The lack of a second thumbstick has been a criticism players have had of the Nintendo 3DS since it first arrived in 2011. It took them 4 years, but the little fella’s finally here!

As well as the C-Stick another new feature is that the New Nintendo 3DS regular and XL can automatically adjust their screen brightness to suit lightning in the room a feature that was available only manual on early models and this also is said to improve the battery life between charges. Nintendo has also been able to stabilise the 3D with face-tracking so that you no longer need to view the screen from dead centre to enjoy that third dimension – another issue that was long in need of addressing.

Other features include a more powerful processor and built-in amiibo and NFC support.

The Mario-in-a-cat-suit may be out of the bag regarding the ‘2.13’ release date but we’re still looking forward to seeing what Iwata has to say about the New Nintendo 3DS range when Nintendo Direct goes live at 6am PT (around 2pm here in UK).