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Nexus Given a New Lease of Life – Nexus 6 Shamu Release in November?

With the Android Silver program set to take its place, the future of Google’s Nexus devices has been up-in-the-air to say the least. The Nexus 6 seemed very unlikely to come to fruition, until now.

There are rumours that Google and Motorola are working on producing a new 5.9inch Nexus phablet. The Nexus 6 has also been dubbed Shamu; not only as a continuation of their fish-themed handsets but also because of its whale-like size.

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The technical specification for the new Nexus 6 is all rumour and speculation as nothing is official until a device is launched. There is, however, word of the 5.9 inch giant featuring a fingerprint scanner and said to be ready for release in November. Although like most things at this stage of development, it is all subject to change.

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There are other speculations that Google are planning on giving the Nexus 6 some of Motorola’s signature features like active notifications and always-on voice commands, but again, remember to take this with a hefty pinch of salt.

Who knows what the future may hold for the once sought after devices, all we can do is wait and see what they’ll pull out of the bag when and if the Nexus 6 is released.

Source: Android Police