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Nintendo 3DS Update Introduces Changeable Themes

Nintendo has today released a system update for the portable 3DS and 2DS which introduces the potential to personalise menu themes.

As part of the new functionality in the Nintendo handheld update the Theme Shop has been added and it will find its place on the Home menu. This will be easy to find as it will appear prominently alongside all the regular icons like Mii, Camera and Settings once the update is installed.

The Theme Shop will offer the ability to change the 3DS and 2DS menu background from the plain and pre-set to five all new colours and will sell special packs for £1.79 each that feature characters from Nintendo’s popular franchises Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda.

Sound effects and music are also changeable with the theme packs customising the noises that accompany the handheld functions and Home screen icons can be turned into NES style Super Mario blocks and Zelda chests amongst other nostalgia.

The update for Nintendo 3DS and 2DS is available now (version 9.0.0-20 U) and brings added support for Nintendo Network ID and Miiverse with new free and paid content available through the Theme Shop. Theme packs Completely Mario, Completely Luigi, Completely Peach, Completely Yoshi and Legend of Zelda cost £1.79 each.

To perform a system update on Nintendo 3DS / 2DS:

Go to Home screen > Select System Settings > Select Other Settings > Scroll to right select System Update

*An active wireless internet connection is required.