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Nintendo characters to appear in McDonald’s Happy Meals

We all like fast food and we all like computer games. Deny it as much as you like, everyone knows you do, deep down.

As of the March 19th, fast food chain McDonald’s will be putting Nintendo characters in to Happy Meals as the toys. Surely this is the best tech news that has ever happened!?

There will be eight different toys to choose from including a few different Mario models, Luigi, Yoshi and Donkey Kong amongst some others. Unfortunately there will be no Bowser. On the plus side, four of the toys will be interactive including the Super Mushroom which will make sounds and the Donkey Kong figure that will have a projector (I am far too excited about this).

McDonalds isn’t exactly a healthy food option and you will have to consume quite a few calories to get your hands on all of these figures but this promotion is also supposed to promote healthy living by inspiring kids to impersonate some of Mario and Luigi’s moves – I’m guessing they’re referring to jumping on turtles, maybe.

The Happy Meal is (of course) aimed at children but I know I will be embarking on a diet based solely on these boxed treats until I have collected all 8 figures and gained a serious burger belly. Please don’t tell me I will be the only one doing this?

The company famed for its Golden Arches has enjoyed a long history of movie and TV tie-ups when it comes to the toys that go into Happy Meals, but this is one of a few rare opportunities where fast food and video games collide to form a beautiful partnership. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m feeling rather peckish.