Nintendo & Comedian Rufus Hound Rev Up Mario Kart 7 “Britain’s Fastest Family” Tournament!

Nintendo has added another moustachioed mascot to its line-up ahead of a nationwide Mario Kart 7 challenge to find Britain’s Fastest Family as popular comedian Rufus Hound has becomes the handle-barred face of the campaign which revs up this August!

Nintendo 3DS gamers will be invited to bring their mums and dads – or even gaming parents can bring along their kiddies – to one of 30 participating HMV stores as Nintendo seeks to find the best racers from teams of players and relatives from across England, Scotland and Wales. The Fastest Family in the tournament will be awarded a one-of-a-kind Mario Kart 7 trophy and a new family car (sadly not one of the real-life replica Mario Karts given away in a U.S contest!). Other goodies will be awarded as secondary prizes.

Nintendo invites us to “Expect no-holds-barred racing as Mario Kart 7 offers the ability to glide over the track as well as speed on the sea floor as you race underwater, all in 3D” and Rufus Hound addresses the Mario Kart 7competition on the Official Nintendo 3DS YouTube channel.

Throughout the summer he will appear in exclusive videos advising tips and hints on how the competing families can best particularly challenging courses. The comedian encourages gamers to get involved exclaiming “What are you doing just sitting there! Grab your Nintendo 3DS, call your father, harrang your grandpa, get practicing for glory awaits Britain’s Fastest Family!”

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