Nintendo Delivers Full-Scale Drivable Mario Kart to US Prize Winner!

Nintendo and Super Mario Kart fans may recall our coverage back in November of a event which took place at the LA Auto Show where Nintendo US boss Reggie Fils-Aimes unveiled a pair of real-life drivable Mario Karts to celebrate the upcoming launch of the title for the portable 3DS console.

One of these karts, based to detail on the model driven by Mario himself in the game, was to be given away in a contest hosted by retailer GameStop. The contest is long over and Nintendo has posted a video of the incredible kart as it was delivered to the lucky bas… um, prize winner.

It’s quite a bizarre sight to see the colourful kart being backed up out of a delivery truck and onto a suburban American street – but to be woken by a knock at the door from Nintendo’s veteran mascot Mario (and not a guy in a suit) only adds to the excitement.

Full-scale replica Mario Kart was created by the Pimp My Ride customizers at West Coast Customs and features the shiny red and yellow paint job as seen in game, those big chunky off-road wheels, a pair of huge exhausts used for those mushroom powered boosts and, of course, the M for Mario emblazoned on the front bonnet. Set for flight, a feature added in the later games, this model comes complete with glider. At the launch the ever-excitable “Reginator” said “When I saw the Karts I put out a big WOO HOO!

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