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Nintendo lets loose Monster Hunter 3DS bundles – for Japan only!

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The Japanese division of Nintendo really knows how to push a new game. As promotion for Monster Hunter 3DS begins to roar into the gaming market before its December 10th public launch, Nintendo has revealed a pair of Japan-only bundles to support the beast-bashing title – the console decked out in ferocious monster theme and the other coming along solely with the recently revealed Expansion Slide with second thumb-stick controller and game.


 Monster Hunters is hugely popular in Japan and began life on Playstation home console from developer/publisher Capcom in 2004. Now the game – which puts the player in the perspective of the Monster Hunter of the title – is set to go 3D for the first time on Nintendo’s 3DS portable and the Japanese have gone all out to celebrate.

The first bundle contains the Monster Hunter 3G game and a very cool white Nintendo 3DS handheld with curved edges as well as red tribal monster insignia and game logo – this package costing  around ¥21000 (approx. £180)  – and the Expansion Slide and game combo costing just ¥6979 (approx.  £60) for those who already have captured the Nintendo 3DS.

Sales of the Nintendo 3DS are steady in the home nation of Japan, despite Nintendo’s desperate pleas for patience by western gamers by Mister Iwata himself – who promised that Super Mario is right around the u-bend. If we got this kind of bundle treatment maybe we’d be happier to own a Nintendo 3DS!

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