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Nintendo Serves Up Mario Tennis Open 3DS Details

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Nintendo plans to bring the classic Mario Tennis game to its latest handheld console, the 3DS, and we’ve got some juicy gossip on the game ahead of its launch.

Mario Tennis Open 3DS will feature some aspects from Mario Kart, such as the ability to collect pieces of clothing and various other gear to improve your player’s stats, just as you can with your kart in the popular racer.

In true Nintendo fashion, the stat-boosting add-ons bare references to classic characters from other Ninty games. Everything from shoes to rackets can be customised – you’ll be able to earn items such as the Bullet Bill outfit, which we’re guessing will give you super speed, or slip into Princess Peach’s shoes. We’re not sure what the latter would achieve exactly, other than making your feet look pretty.

Gamers will be able to take control on the court using either the physical buttons on the handheld or with the touchscreen, with swipes and flicks resulting in the ball getting a battering. The 3DS has a built-in gyroscope which will also work with the game, allowing for tilting of the console to interact with the game.

You’ll be able to play against other competitors online as well as with your friends and family locally. Doubles games can also be played online and locally, making for some brilliant four player fun. Leaderboards online will record your successes and failures, giving gamers the incentive of getting to the very top.

Finally, if playing as a Nintendo character isn’t your thing, you can import your own Mii which can be created using the console’s camera.

Mario Tennis Open 3DS launches in the UK and Europe on May 25th.

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