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Nintendo sells 40,000 Wii U consoles in 3 days

With the Nintendo Wii U launching last Friday in the UK, reports are now coming in that the new console has sold pretty well over the initial weekend, with sources claiming that over 40,000 Nintendo Wii U consoles have been shipped since the 30th of November.

What this figure means is that the console has sold out on the high street within just 2 days of its release.

Last week Nintendo was out boasting that in its first month on sale in the US, the console had sold over 400,000 units which is only 200,000 short of what the original Wii console did upon its release back in 2006.

Nintendo has been known to have limited stock allocations on console releases with the Wii, DS and 3DS consoles and handhelds all selling out quickly and demand soaring for the consoles. Nintendo has said that they will be releasing more units to the high street before Christmas,  but these will probably be in limited batches and pretty hard to come by.

Games industry trade magazine MCV also states that the software attachment rate for the first 48 hours has been 2:1 which basically means that 2 games have been sold per console (a figure we are part of with ZombiU and New Super Mario Bros U), which is a pretty good start for the company.

We have been twiddling our thumbs with the Wii U all weekend and love it so far but we will get our official thoughts out soon!

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