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Nintendo Wii U System Update 3.0 Available Now – Here’s How to Get it!

So you’ve hopefully read all about Nintendo’s latest update for the Wii U (if not you can view them in our coverage – Here). If you’re now eager to get all those promised improvements and load time upgrades onto your own console the Gadget Helpline has the info that can help you get Update 3.0 today.

Firstly you will need to get your Wii U onto an active Wi-Fi connection. So fire up that modem and router and follow the below steps (If you’re already hooked up to a valid connection, drop down to cut to the chase!)

From the Wii U GamePad with the Menu screen up select System Settings.

Move across with the Left analogue stick and select Internet.

Select the option for Connect to the Internet.

(The Wii U will begin searching for available Wi-Fi networks.)

With available networks found, scroll up or down to find and select your network name.
When prompted enter your password or Network/Wireless key as found on the router and tap OK.
(Wireless/Network keys are case sensitive, so bear this in mind when entering).

If the right network has been chosen and the password entered correctly the Wii U should successfully find the network and connect.


From the Wii U Menu select System Settings.

The top right hand corner of your menu should tell you the current software version.

Scrolling down with the left analogue stick find System Update and press the A button.

Tap Update to begin the download of software version 3.0
(Depending on performance quality of your Wi-Fi connection completion times can vary. You can follow progress in the Download Management section of the System Settings).

Wii U System Update 3.0 is major update and will take time to complete.

Do not unplug or power off the Wii U console during the download or you’ll have to start it over.

When complete you’ll be able to enjoy all the new features and functional benefits on your super-fast Wii U!