Nokia 800 Windows Phone official press shots leak

We’ve been gifted a set of official press renders for Nokia’s ‘800’ Windows Phone smartphone, that presumably the company will be using when they announce the product at Nokia World on October 26th.

With these renders we can get a pretty good idea of what the phone is about. First off, we know that the Nokia 800 will be available in three colours – Blue, Pink and Black. The phone bears a striking resemblance to Nokia’s well-praised but poorly distributed N9 MeeGo-based smartphone, and appears to have the same coloured polycarbonate shell.

We’ve been going back through all of our previous posts on Nokia’s Windows Phone – there have been several leaks of different product codenames, but we’re almost certain that the Nokia 800 is what we previously knew as the ‘Sea Ray’.

From the press renders we can see that the phone has sharp edges at the bottom and a smooth, minimalistic design overall. The right side of the phone has metal buttons for volume up/down, camera and one more which we’re not too sure on, but think it may be a lock key.

We don’t yet have anything concrete as far as specifications go, but as this phone is packing the same casing and form factor as the Nokia N9, they should be the same. The Nokia N9 has a 3.9-inch screen, though it has no buttons beneath it and can therefore be bigger. However, the Nokia 800 has three touch buttons beneath the screen, leading us to think that the screen size may be slightly smaller at 3.7-inches.

We also believe that Nokia will be utilising Micro SIM technology with the Nokia 800. The Nokia N9 uses a Micro SIM card slot, and we have recently heard news that Nokia will be joining Apple in using Micro SIM technology for their smartphones.

Either way, we’ll have to wait until Nokia World on October 26th to find out for sure. Do you like the look of the Nokia 800?

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Via: PocketNow