Nokia Likely to Announce Windows RT Tablet at Mobile World Congress

After a very successful run as host handset supplier for the Windows Phone operating system it appears the Finnish co. Nokia is finally ready to join the tablet market – again in partnership with Microsoft, going up against the likes of Samsung’s Tab range loaded with Android and Apple’s market-dominating iPad. has obtained a snap from a source at Nokia’s recent event in Pakistan which saw the announcement that the country and neighbouring India will be amongst the first in the world to receive a budget range of Nokia Lumia smartphones, including the 620.

This pocket sized product appears in the photo and if you look to the projected backdrop you will spot the smartphone alongside a much bigger device; an approximately 7-8 inch slab of tech running a version of the Windows RT software. You can see the horizontal tiling which has been packaged along with the launch of Microsoft’s own line of Surface tablets – could it be Nokia’s first ever tablet device? It certainly looks like it.

This unnamed Nokia device also appears to fall into suit with the funky style of the Nokia Lumia smartphones, with brightly coloured casing (which appears yellow in this shot). It also suggests that along with even more Lumias (the 520 and 720) we could see a Lumia tablet launched when Nokia takes to the stage on the first morning of this year’s Mobile World Congress on February 25th.