Nokia Launches Symbian Anna Update – Puts NFC in Museum of London For C7 Users

Nokia has started the rollout for the new Symbian Anna software update, bringing improved functionality and new features to popular handsets like the N8, C7 and E7.

Symbian Anna will give your phone a whole new set of redesigned menu and app icons for a fresh look, a new onscreen keyboard design which works in landscape and portrait mode and a much better browser.

Nokia Maps (formerly OVI Maps) also gets an upgrade and now features social integration with Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare baked into the mapping app.

The Nokia C7 has an NFC (Near Field Communications) chip hidden away inside which until now hasn’t been used. The new Symbian Anna software update activates the NFC chip, making it ready to use with NFC tags and wireless payment systems around the globe.

To celebrate NFC taking off in the C7 smartphone, Nokia has teamed up with the Museum of London to implement some NFC tags with certain artefacts and exhibits throughout the museum.

Simply touch your Nokia C7 on the NFC tags next to museum exhibits like the Lord Mayor’s Coach to find out even more about it. You’ll also be able to tweet or ‘Like’ an exhibit or area or the museum by touching your phone on an NFC tag, as well as order gifts from the museum’s gift shop. Pretty neat!

If you’re interested in getting your Nokia smartphone updated, load up OVI Suite on your PC and hit check for updates. The update is being rolled out incrementally, so you may have to wait a day or two for it to reach your region or network.

Check out the video below from the Museum of London and let us know what you think of the new technology used in the museum.