Nokia Lumia 710 Shipping Begins – But United Kingdom Still Missing Out

Nokia’s second Windows Phone is on its way – Well, at least on its way to some lucky countries today as the Finnish mobile tech co. has just revealed that shipping has begun for the Lumia 710, lightweight sibling to the recently released Lumia 800. Mobile buyers in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, India and Russia will be able to enjoy the Mango flavoured goodness of the updated Microsoft operating platform on Nokia hardware – but we here in the United Kingdom will be left waiting possibly until early January.

Yesterday a retail website set its page marker for the Nokia Lumia 710 live. Touting a shipping date of January 6th 2012, but this of course could be a rough guesstimate by the tech site, Digital Phone. The lower spec Windows Phone 7.5 host will be rolling out in the aforementioned countries from today.

Those fortunate enough to get to grips with one before the rest of the world (the unfortunates including the UK, Ireland and the USA) will be first to enjoy the very respectable 1.4GHz Qualcomm CPU, 512MB of RAM with 8GB storage and a 5-megapixel camera for capturing those instant Facebook snaps. The shooter is backed up by an LED flash and auto-focus. The Lumia 710 should also have a lengthy lifeline supplied by 1300 mAh battery that equals around 6.9 hours call time and 38 hours of media playback and connectivity comes via Bluetooth and microUSB.

And of course, the addition important inclusion of Window Phone as platform of choice brings some great social features such as news feeds organisation, mass Facebook messaging in a feature similar to the Google+ Huddle. Bing is thrown in with music search included and let’s not forget that you can now even control your Xbox with your Nokia smartphone.

Some amazing features here which are comparable to the flagship Lumia 800 at a slightly more pocket-friendly price of €270 (£230 GBP).

But it’s okay. We’ll just wait.


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