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Nokia Lumia 920 off to a flying start in the US

Despite initial reviews being a very mixed bag, Nokia’s new Lumia 920 smartphone with Windows Phone 8 has defied expectations to sell out at many big name retailers in the US.

Many analysts predicted a weak start for the new phone in terms of sales, but recent figures show that it has sold out completely at Amazon with a two week delay on orders. US network AT&T has also sold out of all colour variations bar the glossy white model.

Various SIM-Free retailers do still have the handset in stock, but it’s the cheap contract prices at various networks that have made the Lumia 920 a big hit. On a two year deal the phone is $99 up-front, which is pretty cheap as far as brand new top-end smartphones go.

Over here in the UK the handset is like gold dust in SIM-free form, with all UK retailers still none the wiser as to when stock will be available. Expansys managed to secure a small shipment of the white variant, although these seemed to fly off the shelves. On contract the phone is available from Phones 4u free on contracts from £36 per month, although only the black model seems to be available at the moment.

The lack of stock at retailers around the world has led to many industry experts wondering whether the Lumia 920 has been a smash hit sell-out or if Nokia didn’t have enough stock to meet demand.

Nokia’s Lumia 920 is the new top dog for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform, rocking an impressive PureView camera, dual-core S4 Pro power and a 4.5-inch PureMotion HD+ display, all of which have received praise from many reviewers. On the downside, the phone’s thickness and hefty 185g weight have put many off giving it a stellar write-up.

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