Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset – New mobile ear gear is NFC enabled

All we’ve seen so far in regards to the new wave of Near Field Communications technology on our smartphones has been about how we can cleverly pay for our shopping and make transactions using the spanking new scanning gadgetry. But surely the gimmick has some other potential? Nokia have picked up on this by revealing its new Luna Bluetooth headset with NFC connectivity.

Coming in a gender specific choice of Blue or Pink, as well as a Lime Green, White or Black version, Nokia’s ‘uniquely designed’ Luna headset offers up to 8 hours of talk time and reaches a full charge, through USB charger, in just one hour when used without a holder. The holder comes included and takes slightly longer to charge but provides a longer lasting standby of 35 hours. The Luna earpiece itself is a lightweight and un-cumbersome piece of kit and weighs just five grams (the holder an additional 18 grams).   

The good news is that non-Nokia mobile owners won’t need to glare enviously across the street at chatterboxes jabbering on their funky coloured Luna headset – as the Nokia made ear gear is compatible with any NFC enabled smartphone.

The Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset is on its way to Europe in the next couple of weeks predicted to cost around 69 Euros.

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