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Nokia Maps Kicks Off Euro 2012 Tournament with Football Theme

The Euro footie tournament has kicked off this weekend, with a number of games already played out include this year’s host Poland taking on qualifying Greece. And just day after celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee you will have noticed the patriotism has endured and the England shirts have taken over our streets with households flying the St. Georges flag proudly in support of our lads.

Nokia has also been rolling out the celebrations over on their official website, specifically the Nokia Maps section which, if you visit during the UEFA Euro 12 contest, you’ll find has become your one stop guide to all things football.

If you’re popping over to Poland and the Ukraine to check out any of the matches or even if you want to know a bit more about the stadiums and which games are being held at any of the eight hosting cities Nokia Maps will provide you with that information and will help you get to where in need to be, well in time to grab yourself a beer before the first whistle. The generous app will also help you find late accomadation near any of the venues, including Warsaw, Wroclaw and Kiev through the handy search feature.

If you happen to not spot the big banner that appears when you arrive at the Nokia Maps website you can bring up all the info by typing “football” into the search box, you’ll be transported right to the action and the soccer theme will continue until the Euro 12 tournament is over following the July 1st final. We wonder if London and it’s surroundings will get the same treatment when the Olympic Games leaves the starting line on July 27th – the first time the games have been hosted in the British capital since 1948!

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