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Nokia N9: Germany, Switzerland & Austria now excluded from launch

Following Nokia’s decision to pull sales of the upcoming N9 “swipe” handsets in the United States and then later the United Kingdom, now Germany, Switzerland and Austria have also lost any hope of getting hands-on with the first ever MeeGo-based mobile which was given such a grand launch and promotional push only a short time ago.

The funky little N9 handset seems to have met an unfortunately premature demise, after being announced for a massive European distribution push. With native Nokia platform Symbian and the new MeeGo packing model N9 being dropped suddenly Stateside to make time and to focus on Windows Phone 7 hosts (including “Sea Ray”), it seems Nokia has began retracting release dates, and pulling online countdown timers heralding the release of the smartphone worldwide.

There are allegedly 100,000 units in production, but is there anywhere to still find an N9 – or was all this for nothing?

Website still seems to believe there’s some hope – or are incredible naive. Promoting pre-orders of the 16GB Nokia N9 as a SIM-free model for a staggering £519.95 asking price. Yes – That’s above or around what many name retailers are asking for a 32GB iPhone 4. Insane!

Nokia’s involvement in Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Mango project is said to be revealed in full at the Nokia World Conference on October 23rd.  

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