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Meet the Nokia N9 With Seven Operating Systems!

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This N9 does not know which mobile OS to boot and has the option to boot seven different ones. These are MeeGo, iOS 5.0, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry OS, HTC Sense, Samsung’s TouchWiz and Symbian Anna.

This is obviously not an official Nokia product, and this unusual looking lime green N9 has been demoed on video showcasing its ability to switch between mobile OS. It’s not some special edition or in-house unit leaked from the Finns, but in fact a peculiar shanzhai ‘knock-off’ straight from the back streets of China.

You can get knock-offs of pretty much everything in China; from iPads to TVs, the imitation market in China is massive but mobile phones are one of the most popular things to fake over there.

The imitation N9 doesn’t quite have the same quality as the official Nokia one, and the build quality is questionable to say the least. You only get a 1.3  megapixel camera on the back of the device, and it comes with a resistive touchscreen, which is not the high specifications you would expect from a phone meant to be a flagship device.

In all fairness, this Nokia-off is something that I would advise you try to get your hands on, it wont really change between different OS’ as at least 3 of them are closed source, and not open source, to be put on other devices.

We would love to hear if anyone has been able to get their hands on a device such as this.

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