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Nokia Releases 3D Printable Cases for Lumia 820 Windows Phone

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If you’re a proud owner of Nokia’s Lumia 820 Windows Phone and are fortunate enough (or loaded enough) to have grabbed yourself one of those fancy 3D printers, the Finnish mobile manufacturer has now made it possible to create your very own case by using the cutting edge plastic printing technology.

Since the early days of modern mobile phones Nokia has been the leader when it comes to customisation of popular pocket gadgets. Some of us will remember snapping on a cool and colourful cover to our Nokia 3210 to make it stand out from the crowd. Things have changed quite a bit technically and ergonomically with Nokia’s wares since then but the ability to switch skins is still an important part of the appeal.

Nokia is giving its customers the chance to download case patterns for the recently released Lumia 820 in a 3D Development Kit (or 3DK for short) which can be read by many of the currently available 3D printing systems (which range around $2000) and includes all the necessary instructions and information on material requirements to produce some seriously funky covers in a variety of colours of their choosing.

The shells, as they are referred to as, should snap onto the Lumia device as snuggly as the real deal. We wonder how long before other manufacturers jump on the 3D trend and offer up their own versions of this bright idea.

Packs of files are now available through Nokia’s Developer website and if any of our readers are able to create one of the cases we invite you to show us your work!