Nokia Reveals New Apps for Lumia Windows Phones

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While Microsoft revealed the next generation of software for Windows Phone, its new best friend Nokia was keen to keep its Lumia smartphone owners happy by introducing a bevy of new apps.

The disappointing blow of no Windows Phone 8 update for owners of the current range of Lumia phones was softened by a promise of Windows Phone 7.8; an update that would add some features from WP8 for current devices. Nokia wants to take things a step further with some interesting apps that are both useful and creative.


Nokia revealed PlayTo at the Windows Phone Summit, a DLNA app for Lumia phones. For those unfamiliar with DLNA, it’s a standard that allows wireless file sharing between phones, computers, TVs, tablets and other internet connected devices. PlayTo does just that, allowing photos, music and videos stored on your Lumia to be streamed to a TV, Blu-ray player or stereo.

Nokia Counters

This one falls into the useful category.  Nokia Counters is a simple app that gives you a rundown of your mobile usage in realtime, showing your total minutes, texts and data used. You can set limits using the app too, so you’ll never inadvertently run up a big bill.

Camera Extras

Nokia recently acquired camera experts Scalado, and this app looks to be the first fruit of that acquisition. Camera Extras adds four features: Self-Timer, Action Shot, Panorama and Smart Group Shot. The latter takes multiple photos when the subject is a group, and allows you to flick through and select the best photo for each contact. Once you’ve done that, the app will stitch together the best image for each person into one perfect photo.

The panorama feature does exactly what it says on the tin, offering a simple sweeping panorama mode. Once you’re done shooting the app will neatly stitch your images together and present the finished product.

Nokia Maps

Already on Lumia devices, Nokia Maps will get a few nifty improvements. Each user will soon be able to write reviews for shops and restaurants, upload images and sync favourited locations with a PC.

Nokia Transport

This app aims to find you the best public transport options for a journey based on your location, which you can add to a map by dropping a pin.

Zynga Apps

Several very popular iOS and Android games from developer Zynga are coming to Windows Phone, but Lumia owners will be privileged to try them first. Words With Friends and Draw Something will become available in autumn for 2 months before launching for all Windows Phones.

These new apps and improvements will hit the Windows Phone Marketplace over the next couple of weeks, so Lumia owners need to keep an eye out!

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