Nokia teases “easy-clean” screen technology – Say goodbye to smudges!

Nokia World 2011 has revealed a screen tech which will effectively prevent any more of those unavoidable grubby finger marks and smudges which we all find tarnishing our otherwise pristine smartphone.

The Finnish mobile co. has employed a nano-coating or hydrophobic technology to repel nasty spills or moisture transferred by frequent touching of your gadget. A ‘slippery’ non-stick surface will allow for touch gestures to be used, without the unpleasant and unsightly residue staying.

Nokia states that the new feature will not lessen the quality of display and this means that it will be very easy to just give your screen a quick rub down rather than needing to invest in expensive cleaning fluids or wipes.

The easy-clean screen was demoed on a Nokia 700, but there’s not much info to go on just yet to suggest which models will get to benefit from the water resistant tech – or when it would become publically available on our smartphones.

Apple has been rumoured to be working on something along the same lines, so we await the familiar sound of the patent police banging on Finnish doors in the near future!    

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