Nokia unleashes info on new Symbian Belle update

Over on Nokia’s Facebook page, there’s a brand new timer, apparently clicking down to ‘something new’. Whatever it is, we’ll probably find out tomorrow, as there’s only a little time left.

We do know that the ‘something new’ is for Symbian phones, which might not have some of the more dedicated tech-heads jumping up and down – Symbian is pretty old news these days. Signs point to the unveiling of the new Symbian Belle update.

It’s strange though, as Symbian’s recent Anna update only just arrived, and it seems already that Nokia may be doing something new for their mobile OS. Anna’s features were reported as not all that, so maybe there will be something nice in the potential release of Belle when it comes out.

Whether the new OS update will be showcased along with new phones to go with it is uncertain, although we do know that Nokia are currently putting a lot of time and effort into MeeGo phones like the Nokia N9, and additionally Windows 7 Phone projects.

Check back tomorrow for an update.