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Now TV Smart Box and Now TV Combo Deals Announced

Sky has today announced a new Now TV Set Top Box and service bundle – together known as the Now TV Combo.

Thanks to its vast range of internet-based programming and compact hardware, Now TV has grown in popularity over other subscription based television services in recent times and the winning formula has once again evolved into the new Now TV Smart Box which will become available in early July completely free from any contracts.

The Smart Box is totally remodelled appearance wise – wider but thinner than its predecessors meaning it’s still discrete and easy to stash away next to your telly. As well as the usual on-demand services available through the array of apps built into the box, and the Sky exclusives you can pay extra for, this new model also packs in a Freeview tuner meaning you can actually watch around 65 digital channels at no cost via the connectable antenna.

It also comes with Freeview Play, which allows you to scroll back through the past seven days’ worth of telly and play it back through the Electronic Program Guide. This is a very useful feature if you’ve missed a favourite show. You can simply pluck it from the list and play it back – especially good if you can’t find what you want on one of the on-demand apps.

Anyone will be able to buy and enjoy basic content on the Now TV Smart Box which will cost £39.99 with additional Sky services available at cost.

Sky is however encouraging owners opt for the Now TV Combo which it calls its “commitment-free triple-play bundle”- offering the box with all of the above entertainment, as well as broadband and phone line retail and choice of Sky TV packages.


Line retail weighs in at £17.99 a month and price will of course vary dependent on value of the individual TV packages you choose to tag on (ie. Sports, Cinema, Kids) and also the speed of broadband you require.

Really, the pricing is the most complicated bit of the Now TV Combo as there are so many variables to consider but the full details of the Smart Box and the Combo deals can be viewed at