Now You Can Download Your Google History to Your PC!

You can now download your entire Google search history to your computer. Meaning you have a backup of your most visited sites. Why on God’s green Earth would you want that! Let’s be honest here there are dangerous things in your search history, I know where most of you minds just went and I don’t mean that… there’s worse things than that.

I’m not talking about the fact you always type Google in the URL bar to get to Google so you can Google something either, or the names of all the people you’ve stalked obsessively over the years. No this file will also contain the subject lines of your private emails sent from Gmail, names of files you have sent, contents save to the cloud, bank details and everything you are interested in. Your address, I can guarantee most of you have used Google maps to find direction from your house.

Take a moment to think about all the things you might have searched for over the years.

Do you want a copy of that sitting on your computer? Is there one single good reason to have that data save to your computer? The only valid reasons I can see to keep it is so… nope I have nothing. I mean there are probably more important things sitting on my pc but here is one file with full of marketing detail, bank account information, the building blocks to a fantastic blackmail or smear campaign against me, just sitting on my computer waiting to be taken.

Google knows how dangerous this information can be, hence the message. Set up two-factor authentication and keep it safe.

Or a better idea just delete the data. Google makes this pretty easy, but you will lose your enhanced search results.