Nvidia launches iPad 4-beating Tegra 4 processor, signalling next-gen Android devices

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show doesn’t start until tomorrow, but that hasn’t stopped Nvidia wheeling out its big guns a whole day early. With the likes of Qualcomm and Samsung pushing forward with new chips, the company has wheeled out its new Tegra 4 quad-core chip.

We’d heard rumours of a fourth generation chip coming from Nvidia a while back, and now they’ve officially launched a successor to the hugely popular Tegra 3. While there aren’t any devices currently available on the market containing Nvidia’s new chip, we’re already aware that it’s faster than most devices out there, including Apple’s fourth generation iPad.

Based on a Cortex A15 chip, the Tegra 4 packs in four processing cores alongside a whopping 72 graphics processing cores. Oh, and there’s also a 4G LTE modem processor packed in for good measure, so you can rest assured that any devices using this new chip will have blazing fast internet speeds.

Billed as the world’s fastest mobile processor, the Tegra 4 is expected to be incredibly quick and capable when it comes to gaming. The company isn’t particularly known for its influence on the photography world but its new chip has hopes of taking smartphone photography to the next level. A new computational photography engine has been designed to make taking snaps on your phone even faster and easier, which is something we can’t wait to try out. This technology is actually built in to the chip itself, so pretty much any camera app will benefit from it.

For now we’ll have to sit on our hands and wait patiently for the first Tegra 4-based devices to arrive, but hopefully it won’t be long. The company demonstrated the chip’s capabilities with the currently unreleased Dead Trigger 2 game at the show, and suffice to say we’re extremely excited.