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O2 flicks switch on faster 3G speeds for 9 major UK cities

UK network O2 has turned on a new higher speed 3G spectrum, 900MHz, to enable faster mobile internet speeds across the UK.

Dubbed the “3G900” network, O2 say it will provide up to 30% faster download speeds on mobile devices, and up to 50% more capacity – meaning you’ll get a better 3G coverage in your area. The service is initially being rolled out across 9 major UK cities: Bradford, Bristol, Glasgow, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leicester, Sheffield and Liverpool.

Speaking about the new 3G speeds, O2’s chief technical officer in the UK Nigel Purdy said: “This 3G900 switch-on is the latest in a series of network enhancements for O2. We invest the equivalent of over £1m a day, every day, in our network, which is used to deliver technologies in a way that goes beyond traditional cellular infrastructure; providing access to a new range of ‘smarter’ services.”

The 9 cities mentioned above aren’t the first to receive the new 3G900 speeds on O2 however; the network began broadcasting the spectrum in London, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham back on March 18th.

Where in the UK needs faster 3G speeds on O2 do you think? Let us know by posting a comment.