O2 to increase UK pricing by 3.2% in 2013

Well this is lump of coal in our stocking – O2 has announced that they will be increasing their tariff prices for everyone in February of 2013. The increase will see tariffs go up by 3.2% on the monthly bill of every customer in February next year.

What’s more, you can’t do anything about it as O2’s contract fine print says that if there is a change you can’t do anything about it!

O2 put out a statement that said:

“We’ve held off putting our tariff prices up for as long as possible, even when our competitors raised theirs”, “But now, because of inflation, we need to change the price of your tariff.”

In reality what this change will bring is most likely to be under £1 to most contracts out there, as if you can imagine a £20 per month contract will now be £20.64 on a monthly basis, but for people who don’t like change this can still be an issue.

None of the other plan details will change, so your text, calls and data packages will all remain the same but with the slight increase on the monthly bill. The changes come into effect on 28th February 2013.

O2 is trying to make the change easy for customers and have created a price change calculator so you can visit the site and work out what your new tariff will be from February onwards.

This is possibly not the best year to be an O2 customer, as twice over 2012 the network had major outages and now to finalise everything the company has raised prices for their users.

It may well be time to leave O2 for some, but always consider that if one network provider is going up due to inflation then the other big names may also raise prices too in the coming weeks.