Oculus rift is proving to be a very exciting new push into the world of virtual reality – indeed we’ve seen prototype after prototype, most recently Crescent Bay with inbuilt headphones and enhanced head movement recognition… but just when will this grand endeavour be released for the public to get their hands on?

So far Oculus Rift has been available only to developers whose companies are in the process of building apps for the machine, or those with incredible amounts of money to burn looking to be the pioneering early adopters of the new device.

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Oculus has recently spoken out themselves on the imminent arrival of Oculus Rift – the company is assuring users and interested parties alike that the time it will take to get the VR headset out onto shelves has moved down from ‘years’ to ‘months’, according to Brandon Iribe the Oculus CEO, who indeed confirmed that “it’s months, not years away, but many months.” until the release.

The exact amount of months is of course up in the air at the moment, but previous estimations of Oculus Rift’s arrival vary from early 2015 to late 2016, the earliest and the latest dates we’ve heard. Of course, it’s yet another indicator that post-2015 the tech industry is going to change radically, whether we like it or not.

We have also seen increased software activity from Oculus of late on Oculus Platform, an app distribution site. However, it may still take many months before the hardware catches up.

Oculus is rumored to be struggling to develop a controller, or other control device, to go with the headset component of the Oculus Rift. What’s the point in having a great environment projected right into your face if the control system is poor?

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The company did recently acquire the company behind the design of the Xbox 360 and Microsoft’s Kinect sensor, which could indicate a serious attitude about controller systems. The Xbox 360 controller, at least in this author’s opinion, represented the cutting edge in usability and comfort at the time, so it’s good to see Oculus is on board with the designers of the device.

Meanwhile, Oculus are clear that the VR revolution is imminent, the company apparently doesn’t “want it to be four or five years” before the device hits stores, but are dedicated to “getting it right,” according to Brandon Iribe.

The news is welcome for fans of the device, but it may yet still take a year before we see the final version of Oculus Rift on sale.

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