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Ofcom launches UK fixed line broadband map

Today Ofcom has launched the first full and unbiased interactive UK fixed line broadband map across the UK, allowing broadband customers or enquirers to check online to see average and area specific broadband speeds.

Ofcom have broken down the map into a 5 rank score system which is based on four different key broadband statistics. These comprise of availability of superfast broadband in an area, average broadband take-up, average speeds for ADSL and cable and percentage of homes receiving below 2mbps.

You can see an overall score of the combined results or you can specifically search for each of the broadband statistics.

A brief look over the map reveals an obvious statistic – that some of Britain’s most cosmopolitan cities have the best connection with London, Brighton, Edinburgh and Manchester all scoring highly with a 1st place rank, though surprisingly Grimsby also scored highly.

The map does show that 68 per cent of the UK in its entirety have a fixed line broadband connection with 7.5 mbps being the average maximum speed, so it’s not all bad. However, if you live in Wales then things are not so rosy as more than a quarter of residents are suffering from sub-2mbps connections.

Ofcom also states that “The UK’s first interactive map showing accurate information on broadband take-up, speeds and availability has been produced by Ofcom, using data provided by communications providers.”

“It forms part of Ofcom’s on-going work to provide useful information about broadband in the UK.”

And finally saying that “Ofcom intends to publish a more detailed map later this year.”

Take a look for yourself and have a play with the full interactive map.