Official Tumblr app now available on Windows Phone

After a long and mysterious absence, the official Tumblr app for Windows Phone has finally landed. Blog-obsessives can now download the app for free from the Windows Phone Marketplace and get their scroll on.

Launching only this afternoon, Tumblr for Windows Phone is an app that upon first use appears to be well worth the wait. You’ve got plenty of features and integration with Microsoft’s mobile OS, including Live Tiles that will update to show you new posts from those that you follow on Tumblr.

The app works in much the same way as it does on iOS and Android – two platforms which have had access to Tumblr on the move for a long time before Windows Phone. You’ll be able to log in, read posts and make new ones, follow new users and so on.

Impressively, there’s also GIF compatibility built in. GIFS load as you scroll through your feed and provided you have a decent data connection, they do so rather quickly and smoothly. Never again will you have to go for hours without your fix of cats doing silly things.

To make up for the wait, Windows Phone users will get a few exclusive extras. For example, you get the option to have your Tumblr feed displayed on your lockscreen. Although this doesn’t work especially well for GIFs, text posts and videos, when you get a stream of images it looks brilliant.

Tumblr is the latest in a line of big name apps to hit Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform and is sure to strengthen the OS in a market where Android and iOS dominate it in terms of apps available.

We’ve checked and it seems that Tumblr hasn’t landed in the UK Marketplace just yet, although it appears to be ready and waiting for US Windows Phone users.