“OK Google.. How Do I Clear My Voice Search History?”

With facial recognition, voice search functions, location history tracking, etc., everyone can know everything about everybody else if they have the knowledge and inclination to do so.

Voice search functions in particular are a very strange kettle of fish. There is a drive somewhere on the planet that contains everything you have ever asked Google about. Yes, your own voice, crystal clear for posterity?

My own personal views aside; everyone has their own choice whether or not to use these functions, or, indeed use a smart phone at all. The fact you are using Google means that as some point you have accepted a user policy. They have already explained that they may hold information for your purposes in the future, and of course to help them understand what you as a consumer requires at every minute of the day.

If you have not used it then you have probably been within spitting distance of someone using this service at least once:

“Ok Google, what is…?”

“Ok Google, how do I….?”

“Ok Google, I have a strange lump on….”

Many of these requests are private and not what you would want others to be holding for future reference. That is just what is happening though, your voice is there for all time unless you know how to remove them.

Thankfully, Google have included this option and with a few simple steps, all of your recorded history can be deleted.

Firstly, head on over to Google’s Voice and Audio Activity page.

On that page you will be able to bring up everything you have ever asked Google, just don’t get too freaked out when you realise that the mic is actually listening all the time 24/7.

You will now be able to delete each of them individually from this page.

Have to say though, this gives Google internet points in my book, at least they show you what you are sharing. I cannot say the same for Apple’s Siri, as they do not allow it currently.