Oneplus 3 Now Available On O2

The Oneplus brand has been going from strength to strength. The Oneplus 1 & 2 were Initially only available via invite, Oneplus used this system to prevent issues; being the new kid on the block they did not want to lose any custom from over ordering which was quite sensible.

Oneplus’ main line motto is that they are a flagship killer, the specs of each phone at time of launch has been taken seriously by their competitors. As a consequence, they are now being seriously considered by Phone service providers on contract.

I have the OP3 myself and my partner has the OP2, both phones are reliable and quick. Both phones were actually bought at full price from Oneplus so that we get to choose which sim contract to choose, with a rolling contract it means we can shop around if something better comes along. That being said though, £28 per month is a lot easier to find than forking out the full cost.

O2 has started selling the OnePlus 3 smartphone in the UK now. You can purchase one for as low as £0.00  and then pay 24 monthly payments at £28 each. This plan includes 500MB data, unlimited texts, and 500 minutes. Personally, we feel unlimited texts should be available on every sim and not be something that is included as a selling gimmick.

If you require more data there are other plans available: 1GB, 3GB, 5GB, and up to 20GB data, these cost  £32, £35, £39, and £44 per month, respectively, and still with no upfront fee.
The OP3 is also available on O2’s Pay As You Go deal, costing £336, though why you would do this when you could buy it for only a little more at other online retailers, fully unlocked, is a mystery.


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