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OnePlus 5 Launch

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The OnePlus 5 rumour mill must end today. At 5:00 PM, OnePlus will be launching their latest phone at 10 locations across the world, the OnePlus 5. Many have written about, few have seen it and multitudes have read about it.

The wait is almost over. The new model has been built with the camera as a focus, pardon the pun.

The introduction of a duel camera module processed by a Snapdragon 835 does make us wonder if the phone will be Tango capable. Of course, for this to happen the phone would need to have motion tracking, depth perception and area learning.

This time around, Oneplus will probably be selling the phone at a higher price than they normally do. The phone used to be known as the flagship killer. Now that Oneplus have a good foothold it looks like they wont want to lose their spot in the hierarchy. Butting shoulders with Samsung and LG can only mean more expense.

The base model has been reported to pack 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, whereas the more premium version will come with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage.

We are ‘guesstimating’ the price to be approximately £400-450.

The phone will be available to buy at the pop-up events today.

Personally, if the phone is not Tango or Daydream ready this may be the end of the road for me and Oneplus.

The smartphone company’s motto is “never settle”; without Tango/Daydream chances are I would be settling for something I didn’t quite require.