Onkyo Announces Product Recall for Select 2011 Home Audio Products

Home audio and Hi-Fi experts Onkyo have announced a product recall for select devices, ranging from 5.1 home cinema systems to AV receivers.

The manufacturer expressed concerns that a small number of products manufactured between November 2011 and January 2012 may feature inferior quality components. Thankfully it is happy to take the products in and replace the necessary parts free of charge, a process which won’t affect the standard warranty.

A statement has been issued by Onkyo to its customers:

We have discovered that some components used in the manufacture of Onkyo products between November 2011 and January 2012 do not comply with the high quality required for use in Onkyo products.

In individual cases disturbances may occur, for example, the product switching itself off.

Onkyo attach great importance to the satisfaction of our customers regarding the service and quality of Onkyo products.”

The affected models range from the HT-S3405 (5.1 Home Cinema Surround) to the TX-SR309 (AV receiver). The full list of products in the recall is as follows:

  • HT-S3405
  • TX-8030
  • TX-8050
  • TX-8225
  • TX-NR1009
  • TX-NR5009
  • TX-NR609
  • TX-NR709
  • TX-NR809
  • TX-SR309

There may be quite a few products that may be affected by the problem, but Onkyo assures us that of these models there are very few products in circulation which are affected. If you’re concerned that your Onkyo product may need a look at, you can head to Onkyo’s dedicated page to check. Simply select your model from the drop-down box and then enter its serial number (found on the back) to check. From there you can contact Onkyo, if necessary, to arrange a free repair.

Onkyo confirms that shipping to and from the customer, as well as the repair itself, is completely free of charge. The estimated turnaround time is 2 weeks. As always a product recall is unfortunate news, but it seems this one is only a minor recall, and thankfully Onkyo is already offering a great solution to its customers.

Onkyo Product Recall Page

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