Onkyo GX-W100HV WiFi DLNA Active Speakers Unveiled

Onkyo the Japanese home cinema and audio equipment manufacturer, have just unveiled their latest product, the GX-W100HV active speakers.

The speakers are equipped with Wi-Fi as well as DLNA support that allows you to easily connect them to your existing Wireless network using WPS or Wi-Fi Protected Setup. Once you have connected the speakers to your network, you’ll be able to stream all your favourite music tracks from any DLNA compliant device. The GX-W100HV speakers will decode DRM-free MP3s, AAC and also WAV files.

In terms of output, the GX-W100HV speakers have been designed to give 15 watts per channel. Each speaker cabinet is fitted with a 12cm A-OMF woofer along with a 3cm tweeter that Onkyo says has been specially tuned to optimise voice audio.

The master speaker will allow you to make adjustments if you wish using the two band graphic equaliser, it also features ports allowing you to connect your headphones and input selectors if you wish to play music from a different source other than via a Wi-Fi connection.

If these Onkyo speakers appeal to you, they are expected to launch in Japan on the 18th of Feburary and hopefully heading west soon after. Its thought the price will be in the region of ¥40,000 or around £325.

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