Panasonic Announces SC-NT10 – Ruggedized Bluetooth & NFC Speaker System

Panasonic has launched the SC-NT10 Portable Wireless Speaker System – a ruggedized piece of audio technology which can connect to a smartphone, tablet or BlueTooth and NFC enabled device while braving the elements, taking a beating and still pumping out the tunes.

The Panasonic SC-NT10 is designed for those who like a soundtrack to their outdoor pursuits, hence the toughened design, and the gadget is said to be able to endure bumps and shocks, freezing temperatures, exposure to dust and is splash proof.

With all these factors, the versatile little speaker can be used for a range of activities – slip it in your bag for an epic hike or just set it up for a chill out by the pool. This offers endless possibilities with no worry about the speaker being too expensively delicate like some other Bluetooth audio gear available.

The SC-NT10 also benefits from Near Field Communications so rather than searching for the Bluetooth source the link can be made by touching it to your smartphone of choice to stream the music – Simple.

The Panasonic SC-NT10 Portable Wireless Speaker System with Bluetooth is likely to miss our limited beach weather but is set for release in the Fall (or Autumn, to us Brits), costing around $100.