Pebble Time Round Kickstarter Edition is Launched

Pebble Time has gotten even more stylish thanks to a new Kickstarter backers exclusive.

The Pebble Time Round is based on the original Time – which itself is the fashionable sibling to the original Pebble smartwatch, however this one comes with a more traditionally shaped circular face and is available in both Polished Gold and Silver finish, in marine grade stainless steel with 20mm leather sports band. Pebble is also offering laser engraving when the product is ready to ship in September.

This surprise addition to the range of popular and affordable wearables costs $199 through the current crowdfunding project which was started to gain support for the Pebble 2,  Time 2 and Core. The Pebble Time Round features the same colour e-paper display as its more squared predecessor and syncs with your smart phone for notifications from the best social and activity apps.

Recently the original Time was dropped in price to just £79 on Amazon making way for the new model to arrive early in 2017, but the new Pebble Time Round might just take the shine off the bargain when you see how cool and stylish is looks.

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Time is the key word here as if you want one for yourself you’ll need to act fast because only 2,000 of each finish is available on Kickstarter only.