Photo and Social Sharing Site Pinterest Makes First Steps Towards Reinvention

Pinboard photo and social sharing website Pinterest has undergone a few quiet changes as the first small steps in a much larger reinvention which is expected to become noticeable later this year.

These initial updates to the ‘back end’ of Pinterest will be mostly unseen by general public but will go lengths in helping handle the increasing traffic to the website which grows on a daily basis, and that three years after its launch has seen 48.7 million users signed up to the site to share photos and articles of interest to the innovative and very visual social platform.

High-profile Pinterest account holders including TV hostess Oprah Winfrey and American President Barack Obama, even Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg has been spotted checking out and sharing posts on the website. This has raised Pinterest’s unique appeal and followers have come by droves.

Aside from a few tweaks to the way the site shows shared content and new information boxes, Pinterest’s front of house remains pretty much the same but the foundations are laid for big changes to bring the social site on par with the leaders Facebook and Twitter and make it a more reliable service for users.