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Physiotherapy Society Warns Obsessive Gadget Based Overtime Turning Us Into “Screen Slaves”

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has issued a warning over our nation’s dependancy on technology suggesting that office staff and device dependant workers leave their gadgets alone when they get home from their jobs or become “screen slaves”.

A survey of 2,010 office workers found that two thirds admit to either immediately grabbing their mobile on the bus home or logging into their laptops to continue work as soon as they get through the door after an eight hour day hunched over a desk. These people are said to be prone to poor posture as well as spine and neck damage. Staring at a computer screen all day and continuing to do so in our personal time also does us no favours and instead of adding an average of two extra hours to the harm done, we’re suggested to learn to turn off our devices when the day is done.

Dr Helena Johnson of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy says “While doing a bit of extra work at home may seem like a good short-term fix, if it becomes a regular part of your evening routine then it can lead to problems such as back and neck pain, as well as stress-related illness”. She emphasises that or hand-held gadgets are amongst the worst offenders and we should really know this from their casual but frequent use. Johnson also says “Individuals who find themselves unable to leave their work in the office should talk to their managers and learn to switch off their smartphones.”

We at the Gadget Helpline admit to being guilty of this ourselves at times – of course, it’s our line of work. But we also know when to wind down and recommend that if you can’t give up your gadgets, try a Kindle. They can be read from a relaxed position so your body can rest and have no harmful back-lighting that might damage your eyesight – and most importantly, when possible, leave your job at the office!

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