‘Facebook Phone’ leaks early alongside ‘Facebook Home’ OS

Mark Zuckerberg and co. recently invited us to an event to meet Facebook’s ‘new home on Android’, hinting at the launch of the long-rumoured ‘Facebook phone’. That phone, alongside a custom Facebook-centric operating system called Facebook Home, have now leaked in pictures.

As we’ve heard before, the phone itself will be made by HTC on behalf of Facebook. Whilst previously known as the HTC Myst, the Facebook phone will be known as the Facebook First when it goes on sale. An odd name we’re sure you’ll all agree, but it makes sense when you think that this is Facebook’s ‘first’ proper smartphone and OS.

The First will run a customised version of Google’s Android operating system, tailored by Facebook to suit socialites. For example, at the top of the app tray you will always have shortcuts to posting a status, uploading a photo or checking in – tapping these won’t link to a Facebook app, but rather will all work fluidly within the operating system itself.

Other aspects of the phone appear to be like ‘regular Android’, if you will. The notification bar along the top, icons and menu functions are very similar. However, we can see that Facebook has aimed to simplify the OS to make the phone super easy to use.

With curved corners and edges and a size similar to the iPhone 4S, the Facebook First certainly won’t be joining the growing league of giant smartphones that require two hands for proper operation. The phone looks to be aimed at those obsessed with social networking, checking in and chatting on the go.

We’ll find out the full lowdown on Facebook’s first phone later today when the company unveils it.