Pink Nintendo 3DS XL released on the 31st May in UK

Nintendo has revealed that they will be releasing a brand new Pink version of the 3DS XL next month.

The New coloured handheld 3DS will have one market in mind with its latest colour and the garish pink variant   will be released to the UK on on May 31st.

There is already a Pink version of the smaller (original) 3DS console which has been on sale for some time but the XL larger version of the 3d Handheld gaming console is now available for fans of the colour.

Nintendo states that the Pink colour “provides newcomers to the Nintendo 3DS XL experience with more options than ever before”.

The 3DS XL is currently priced at between £160-£200, depending on the retailer and the new pink version will go on sale alongside the other models from the 31st.

A pink version of the 3DS XL has been available in North America since late last year, whereas Europe has only had the option of purchasing the original 3DS in this colour until now.

Rumour has it that Nintendo will also be bringing the pink console to other European territories too in the coming months.